High quality steel is used as the source material
Precision spraying, long-term use without rust
Strong and durable, strong bearing capacity, strong adjustment ability
They are all made of high-quality steel with advanced technology. The main bar material is made of high-quality and high-strength steel, cold-rolled plate or aviation aluminum, and high-quality steel plate. It is strong and durable, with strong bearing capacity, wide practicability and convenient adjustment.
With a perfect quality control system and professional quality inspectors, we can make every process of precision spraying process better, ensure product quality and bring good experience and service to customers!
It is strong and durable, with bearing capacity up to 10kg. The two sections of claw plate are easy to adjust, fixed firmly, installed simply, and adapt to the needs of different projection lengths
Large forging and grinding equipment
Ensure the standard of product forming, less error, durable use
Precision CNC production line
Ensure the standard of product forming, less error, durable use
Well-known enterprises
years of industry experience
square meter
thousand pieces
We have

Production base
Production efficiency

Independently develop and manufacture humanized projection equipment

Professional OEM and ODM processing

Embrace new retail and network sales channels


Create maximum value for customers wholeheartedly


Quality is the lifeline of an enterprise, and innovation is its productivity


Focus, innovation, efficiency, win-win!


Create new efficiency of digital teaching and create a new model of family intelligence


Foshan huazhirui audio visual Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional intelligent video equipment company integrating production and processing, R & D, design, export, sales and service. Its business involves the production and processing of projection industry, advertising equipment, hardware and furniture products. It adheres to innovation leadership, brand core, and penetrates and develops the creative essence of audio-visual circle with technical advantages.

Address: floor 3, shop a, No. 28, Gongzheng Road, Chancheng District, Foshan City
TEL :13202493557
Professional production: projector hanger, aluminum / iron hanger, TV hanger, TV mobile launch, picture frame screen, landing tripod and other video equipment, welcome to buy!
Aluminum hanger | iron hanger | short coke aluminum hanger

Pipe iron hanger | short coke iron hanger | round tube TV hanger

TV rack | TV mobile cart

High definition narrow frame screen landing tripod
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